Web Designing | Irxa Informatics

Our Focus Area

We are your personal creative design team, dedicated to create identities for that first impression that matters the most.


Wireframes are the conceptual structure of how the website layout will look like. It takes care of the space management, functionalities, design and user experience. Wireframes are also known as the skeleton of websites. Without a wireframe practicality of design cannot be measured. Nor can the relationships between different screen templates be justified.

We draw, redraw, design, redesign until we achieve that benchmark that we have set for ourselves.

Logo Design

We believe in understanding your business and then giving you a perfect identity that you would love to show off and your audience would love remember. We understand the importance of having a strong identity and so we give our best to convert the value of your idea of business.

User Interface Design

Our designing involves making task flows, adding features with relevant content and displaying information for the user’s ease of use. We believe that looks sell and so we make sure to give your website the right colour and font on the basis of the product and services provided by you. We are doctors for your website. We believe that a clean design gages much more interest than a cluttered design.

User Experiance

We understand the value of time and so we design the functionality accordingly.

First, we do user research to understand the demographics of users who would want to opt for a particular product or service. Then we do a test on the product functionalities which is actually based on the end to end use of the product. We try our best to ensure that we give best possible experience to the users.