We provide quality legal process outsourcing services and solutions to the law firms, institutions and organisations across the globe at an affordable rate. The areas which we encompass are E-discovery, Para Legal Outsourcing, Commercial Laws, Intellectual Property, Bankruptcy Support, Estate Planning and Personal Injury.

Our electric potential and skilled executives are directed towards proven methodological analysis delivering business excellence model, satisfying our partner i.e. your needs at a price much cheaper than other service providers. Our approach towards implementation of action follows the best available practice and the arrays of action at law which are looked into are reliant upon the customer’s support requisite, timeline and the support.

We are determined to help businesses to stay connected with their customers through inbound and outbound.  Below mentioned are some of our services and we are happy customize our services to specific requirements of our clients.

Inbound Call Support

Queries or questions now will be answered without any difficulty. We provide service to technical and non-technical call support. We help you with inbound call support where

Answering Service

Answering phone calls is now an easy task with our professional Inbound support services, we also have high tech IVR support Services

Technical Support

We have a variety of supports available and we do customize according to the support you need for your business or services.

Customer Service

Customer is the king is a well known phrase. But what many know not is the amount of effort that takes to be connected to the customers, what many know not is the effective communication that needs to be done.

Inbound Sales

We believe in helping you make your customers aware. The best sale is the one where the pitch is made to an informed customer.

Outbound Support

Customers always feel good if they are remembered on their birthdays, anniversaries or for that matter if they are reminded of sale. Our skilled outbound support is dedicated to make your customer feel good, feel special.

Order Taking

Customers order is treated with Utmost importance. We love talking customers and help them with placing the orders. We record the data and help them deliver their order.

Chat and Email support

We understand how irritating it is to be in phone queues. Our trained skilled team offer email and chat support to make the customers life easy.

We offer a wide spectrum of cutting edge services to ensure optimal customer experience. We follow the best process, advanced technological expertise and the skilled workforce to provide world-class customer service. We aim to deliver services that are cost effective and that result in a delightful experience for customers.

Our services can be categorized as follows:

Back Office Functions

We have a dedicated skilled team that takes all the functions of back office so that you are free from truck load of paperwork and process.

Invoice Factoring Support

Our support team is eager to help customer with billing formalities along with the sending the invoice to the factoring support.

Underwriting Process

Processes involve a lot of understanding of business and the consumer expectation. We are a Pro at this process and we make sure to follow the process from verifying the documents to actually passing the claim.

Accounts and Finance Services

We believe in confidentiality by keeping the files and documents safe.

HR Services

Right from administration to training and developing the individual in such a way that he/she is process friendly. We also keep a track record of the performance and appraisal.

E-com Support Services

We are a master in E-commerce support. We understand the importance of each step right form the process where the products are uploaded to cart management and announcement of deals and discounts, we take care of everything.

Infrastructure Management

A management is successful only if the policies are at place. The processes should be given utmost importance. We handle these for you along with internal contact management and Human resource management.

As corporations collect large amounts of customer, product, transaction, market and social data, it becomes very important to manage, maintain and make sense of the data collected to get actionable insights out of it. Data Management Practice helps corporations in managing the data effectively and efficiently, create or manage accurate reports, dashboards and alerts which will help in satisfying various reporting needs from MIS reporting to regulatory compliance reporting.

Some of our services are,

Data Processing

We help you reduce revenue leakages and boost bottom line productivity using advanced data science solutions. Our team of experts find innovative ways to plan and optimize operations, while exploring new market opportunities.

Data Mining

Business can be a success if the right type of customer is identified. We help you find your target audience, along with their like dislike and preferences.

Data Cleansing

One of the most important parts of data management is data cleansing. It could be through phone or emails and for that matter research.

Data Verification and Extraction

Quality check of the data acquired is one of the effective way to show if the data collected are credible enough.

Data Conversion

We help you merge the data collected through various mediums, so that it is all in one format and can be used.


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Customer Service
Inbound Sales
Outbound Support
Order Taking
Data Processing



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